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Welcome to Circling Raven

Voted one of the Top 100 Courses in U.S. Golf Magazine, Circling Raven offers an enthralling 18 holes to conquer. Enjoy the scenic beauty of our championship course, nestled among 620 acres of wetlands, woodlands and Palouse grasses. Plus, enjoy a refreshing cocktail and bite to eat at Twisted Earth before or after your game. Book an event or your tee time today!

Course Details

  • 620 Acres
  • 18 Hole golf course
  • 7,189 yards of play
  • Play on all types of terrain from wetlands, woodlands, to Palouse grasses.

Our friends at Adventures in Golf took a tour of Circling Raven Golf Club. Check it out here:

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Chdlamalqw - Hole #1

"Gallops on the logs"

Par 5

Gold Tee: 513
Blue Tee: 493
White Tee: 483
Red Tee: 466
Green Tee: 369

Men's HCP: 7
Ladies' HCP: 7

Tshelch’ntm - Hole #2

"Sneak Up"

Par 4

Gold Tee: 395
Blue Tee: 349
White Tee: 310
Red Tee: 275
Green Tee: 260

Men’s HCP: 11
Ladies’ HCP: 13

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Sq’a’q’i’ts’u’lmkhw - Hole #3


Par 3

Gold Tee: 217
Blue Tee: 186
White Tee: 182
Red Tee: 163
Green Tee: 142

Men’s HCP: 15
Ladies’ HCP: 15

S’lpst’ulikhw - Hole #4

"Twisted Earth"

Par 4

Gold Tee: 406
Blue Tee: 380
White Tee: 360
Red Tee: 268
Green Tee: 253

Men’s HCP: 1
Ladies’ HCP: 5

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Tshelchnts - Hole #5

"Circle Dance"

Par 5

Gold Tee: 574
Blue Tee: 529
White Tee: 501
Red Tee: 405
Green Tee: 392

Men’s HCP: 5
Ladies’ HCP: 1

Sts’u’shis hanlamqe’ - Hole #6

"Bear Paw"

Par 4

Gold Tee: 387
Blue Tee: 351
White Tee: 317
Red Tee: 272
Green Tee: 219

Men’s HCP: 13
Ladies’ HCP: 11

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Stbembm - Hole #7


Par 3

Gold Tee: 212
Blue Tee: 185
White Tee: 154
Red Tee: 149
Green Tee: 131

Men’s HCP: 17
Ladies’ HCP: 17

Mqhwwqin - Hole #8

"Snow on the Mountain"

Par 4

Gold Tee: 386
Blue Tee: 357
White Tee: 329
Red Tee: 287
Green Tee: 276

Men’s HCP: 9
Ladies’ HCP: 9

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Qiné - Hole #9


Par 4

Gold Tee: 474
Blue Tee: 451
White Tee: 437
Red Tee: 397
Green Tee: 359

Men’s HCP: 3
Ladies’ HCP: 3

‘Edi’k’w khwa qhasi’qs - Hole #10

"Moose Crossing"

Par 4

Gold Tee: 336
Blue Tee: 321
White Tee: 298
Red Tee: 269
Green Tee: 174

Men’s HCP: 14
Ladies’ HCP: 14

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Sk’uk’we’l - Hole #11


Par 4

Gold Tee: 446
Blue Tee: 418
White Tee: 379
Red Tee: 347
Green Tee: 323

Men’s HCP: 6
Ladies’ HCP: 6

Qhipe’ - Hole #12


Par 5

Gold Tee: 581
Blue Tee: 535
White Tee: 488
Red Tee: 436
Green Tee: 391

Men’s HCP: 2
Ladies’ HCP: 2

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Qhipe’ - Hole #13


Par 3

Gold Tee: 253
Blue Tee: 218
White Tee: 200
Red Tee: 145
Green Tee: 135

Men’s HCP: 12
Ladies’ HCP: 12

Ch'ele - Hole #14


Par 4

Gold Tee: 397
Blue Tee: 328
White Tee: 306
Red Tee: 269
Green Tee: 240

Men's HCP: 18
Ladies' HCP: 16

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‘Anaq’uq’w khwe’schiche’ - Hole #15

"Steals Horses"

Par 4

Gold Tee: 426
Blue Tee: 391
White Tee: 369
Red Tee: 348
Green Tee: 267

Men’s HCP: 8
Ladies’ HCP: 8

Sgwarpu’lmkhw - Hole #16


Par 3

Gold Tee: 192
Blue Tee: 176
White Tee: 162
Red Tee: 137
Green Tee: 103

Men’s HCP: 16
Ladies’ HCP: 18

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Smiyiw - Hole #17


Par 5

Gold Tee: 559
Blue Tee: 519
White Tee: 486
Red Tee: 431
Green Tee: 400

Men’s HCP: 4
Ladies’ HCP: 4

Schitsu’umsh - Hole #18

"Discovered People"

Par 4

Gold Tee: 435
Blue Tee: 392
White Tee: 347
Red Tee: 314
Green Tee: 274

Men’s HCP: 10
Ladies’ HCP: 10

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Still Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Golf Questions

Yes! Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort Hotel gift cards can be used at Circling Raven Golf Club, as well as many other amenities at our resort. Gift cards may be purchased at our Pro Shop or online HERE.

Cancellations or reductions must be made at least 7 days in advance. Cancellations or reductions made within the 7-day window will be charged to the card used to reserve the tee time.
For group reservations (20 or more), the deposit payment and due dates are detailed in the group contract. Contact your group coordinator for questions or concerns.

Golf attire is required. No jeans, tee shirts, or men’s tank tops.

Rain checks will only be issued if play is deemed potentially harmful to players or the course by staff. Inclement weather (rain, cold, etc.) that does not close the course, as determined by staff, will not constitute refunds or rain checks.

All players must use our GPS-equipped golf carts (included with rate). No private power or push carts are allowed.

What People are Saying About Circling Raven Golf Club

Golfweek Magazine

#1 Public Golf Course in Idaho

Links Magazine

“It’s like nowhere else I know—a combination of forest, marsh, prairie, and a little links, and Gene Bates takes you on an amazing journey through it all.”

Sean Ogle,

“Some golf courses just have a presence, and from the moment you stand on the first tee Circling Raven gives you that feeling of a big, bold course.”

Golf Magazine

Voted one of the Top 100 Courses in the U.S.

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Come out and play a round of golf and eat some lunch at the amazing Twisted Earth Grill! Yummm. 😍
We love helping you all make memories with your families. Thank you for sharing these memories with us @soco_artistry
Think you have what it takes to tame the Raven in the most challenging conditions? If so, this is the competition for you.
Raven’s Revenge is Circling Raven’s newest and craziest tournament to date. You and your favorite golf partner will tee it up from the tips in this two-person scramble. As if that wasn’t difficult enough, pin-placements will be downright impossible and the greens will be lightning.
Raven's Revenge is on September 30, 2023. Limited space is available so sign up today using the link below.
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