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Red Tail Bar & Grill

Red Tail Grill Menu

Grab some grub and catch your favorite game on one of our many large-screen TVs. The exciting atmosphere, traditional tribal hospitality, and mouthwatering dishes make for a fun and delicious experience. With a laid back atmosphere complete with a glowing fire and rustic décor, Red Tail Bar & Grill features specialty items reflecting the region, along with refreshing libations.



Bar & Grill

Sunday & Monday: 11am-9:30pm
Tuesday – Thursday: 8am-9:30pm
Friday: 8am – 11pm
Saturday: 11am-11pm

Happy Hour

Daily | 3 pm – 6 pm


8 am – 11 am



Choice of wheat, sourdough, rye, biscuit or English muffin. Gluten Free bread is available upon request.

Two Egg Breakfast*

Two eggs with your choice of two sausage links or two slices of bacon. Served with hash browns or cottage cheese and choice of toast. 9.50 Substitute 6 oz. ham steak 2

Steak ‘N’ Eggs*

6 oz. charbroiled sirloin steak and two eggs. Served with hash browns or cottage cheese and choice of toast.  20

Country-Fried Steak ‘N’ Eggs*

Hand-breaded chicken-fried steak topped with sausage pepper gravy. Served with your choice of two eggs, a side of hash browns or cottage cheese and a warm biscuit. 14.75

Lumberjack Loaded Breakfast*

Three eggs, two strips of bacon, one sausage link and 2 oz. ham steak. Served with hash browns or cottage cheese and choice of toast. 13.50


Eggs Benedict*

Two poached eggs and applewood smoked ham on a toasted English muffin. Topped with hollandaise sauce and dusted with smoked paprika. Served with hash browns or cottage cheese.  12.50

Huckleberry Pancake Breakfast*

Two huckleberry pancakes, two eggs and choice of two sausage links or three pieces of bacon. Served with a side of hash browns or cottage cheese.  12.50
Substitute 6 oz. ham steak 2

Breakfast Croissant*

Fried egg topped with smoky bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Served on a toasted croissant.  10.50

St. Joe French Toast*

Two hearty slices of huckleberry battered French toast with your choice of eggs, bacon or sausage. 12.50

Breakfast Burrito

Two eggs scrambled with choice of bacon or sausage, hash browns with melted cheddar/jack cheese and served with a side of sour cream and salsa. 13.50


Rolled oats simmered in milk garnished with brown sugar, butter and craisins. 6.25

Biscuits and Gravy

Buttermilk biscuits topped with sausage country gravy. Served with hash browns. 7.50
Half 4.25 Add two eggs* 2


All omelets are made to order with three farm fresh eggs. Served with hash browns or cottage cheese and your choice of toast.

Denver Omelet*

Roasted red peppers, sweet onions, applewood smoked ham and cheddar cheese.  11.50

Country Omelet*

Combination of smoked bacon, country sausage, smoked ham and cheddar jack cheese.  11.50

Three Cheese Omelet*

Stuffed with Oregon white cheddar, Swiss and jack cheese.  10.50


Spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms with smoked mozzarella cheese.  11.50

Tomato and Avocado*

Grilled tomatoes, red onion, fresh sliced avocado and cheddar jack cheese.  11.50

Ham and Cheese*

Diced ham and cheddar jack cheese.  11.50

Kitchen Sink*

All of our omelet toppings meats and veggies in one.  13.50

Chili Cheese*

Bits of steak in our house-made chili and topped with cheddar cheese.  12.50


Fruit cup


Hash browns


Slice of toast


Two eggs


Fruit bowl


6 oz. gravy


Two slices of toast


Single pancake


6 oz. Ham steak


Cottage cheese


Two sausage links


Four slices of bacon


Drinks (All drinks 2.75)


Diet Coke


Barq’s Root Beer

Fanta Orange

Pibb Xtra

Minute Maid Lemonade

Iced Tea


Orange juice

Apple juice

Cranberry juice

Tomato juice

Hot tea


Chocolate milk

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.


Happy Hour   //   3 – 6 pm Daily   //   $1 off all draft beers, well drinks and house wines.


Indian Fry Bread

Traditional Native American fry bread recipe, fried and served warm. Served with a side of local honey, huckleberry jam and whipped butter.   8.5

Western Garlic Fries

Fresh chopped garlic, olive oil, cotija cheese and chile flakes served with pickled chiles, sweet-hot ketchup and ranch.   8.5

Onion Rings

Hand breaded sweet onions, coated with panko and fried to a golden brown. Served with Uprooted Amber barbecue and ranch.   9.5

Coconut Prawns

Crisp-fried, breaded prawns served with a sweet and sour sauce. 13.5

Chicken Wings

Slow-cooked Washington chicken wings, lightly coated and crisp-fried, tossed in your choice of buffalo hot sauce, chipotle-honey barbecue, Uprooted Amber barbecue or spicy peach.
Bone-in | Six 6.25   Twelve 10.5   Eighteen 13.5
Boneless | Six 8.5   Twelve 14.75   Eighteen 18.75

Three Cheese Quesadillas GF

Smoked mozzarella, cheddar, and pepper jack cheese with caramelized onions and pico de gallo.   half 4.25   full 7.5

Add grilled chicken, pork or steak 4.25   half 2


Add to any salad | Blackened or grilled chicken 5.25  Salmon 9.50  Sirloin 12.50

Southwest Cobb Salad GF

Iceberg and green leaf lettuce, bacon, pepper jack, avocado, cherry tomato, green onion and hard boiled egg with choice of dressing.
whole 10.5 half 6.25

Garden Salad GF

Mixed greens with carrots, celery, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and green onions with your choice of dressing.
whole 6.5 half 4.5

Sirloin Salad* GF

Fresh spinach with avocado, cherry tomato, blue cheese crumbles and fried onion straws topped with seasoned sirloin steak and served with balsamic vinaigrette.
whole 14.5  half 8.5

Taco Salad GF

Crisp romaine, seasoned burger, diced tomatoes, black olives, red onions with sour cream, salsa and guacamole.
whole 8.75 half 13.75


Souper Salad

Half a specialty salad with a cup of soup. 12.5

House Clam Chowder

Pacific clams cooked with potatoes and bacon.
cup 5.5  bowl 9.5

Tortilla Chicken Soup

Slow-cooked chicken with tomatoes, chiles, lime and beer. Garnished with cilantro, avocado, sour cream and fried tortillas.
cup 4.25   bowl 7.5

Ol´ West Chili

Buffalo slow-cooked with onions, beans, spices, and Uprooted Amber Ale. Served with cast iron cornbread croutons.
cup 5.25  bowl 9.5

Add cheese and sour cream .50

Beef Stew

Good ol´ beef stew seasoned with rosemary, thyme and garlic. Loaded with seasoned beef, carrots, celery, potatoes and onions.
cup 4.25  bowl 7.5


Served with a choice of fries, coleslaw or tater tots.

The Pub Burger* GF

Half-pound of Kobe beef grilled and beer-butter basted. Topped with grilled onions, grain mustard, green leaf lettuce, tomato and pickles on a fresh house-made sesame bun. 13.5
Add cheese 1 | Add mushrooms .50

The Ol´ Western Burger* GF

Half-pound of Kobe beef topped with smoked mozzarella cheese, Uprooted Amber barbecue, grilled country ham and bacon on a house-made bun. Served with green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, pickled chiles and smoked chile aioli.  14.75

Hamburger* GF

Half-pound Kobe beef patty, seasoned, grilled and served on a sesame bun with lettuce, tomato and pickles. 12.5
Add cheese 1 | Add bacon 1 | Add egg 1

Mushroom Swiss Burger* GF

Half-pound of Kobe beef patty, grilled and topped with sautéed mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese on a sesame bun. 13.50

Garden Burger

Vegan patty grilled and topped with spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and Thousand Island dressing on a sesame bun.   12.5


Served with a choice of fries, coleslaw or tater tots.

Meatloaf Sandwich

Housemade meatloaf on asiago cheddar bread with smoked mozzarella, chipotle aioli, Uprooted Amber barbecue sauce, fried onions and bacon.   14.75

Red Tail Reuben

Slow-roasted and smoked house cured brisket, sliced and topped with Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on rye bread with grain mustard and house sauce.   14.75

Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich

Chicken breast hand breaded and deep-fried, topped with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and bacon. Served on a ciabatta roll with sriracha mayo.  15.75
Grilled chicken may be substituted upon request.

Beef Prime Rib Dip

Thin sliced, slow-cooked, prime rib on a toasted French roll with au jus and a side of creamy horseradish. 13.5

Chicken Club Wrap

Grilled or blackened chicken with shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, bacon and house-made ranch dressing rolled in a warm tortilla.   14.95

Black and Blue Wrap

Blackened steak with gorgonzola crumble, diced tomato, bacon, and blue cheese dressing; tossed with spinach and lettuce and rolled in a warm tortilla.  15.75


Applewood smoked bacon layered with butter leaf lettuce, tomatoes and brown butter mayonnaise on toasted house-made sourdough bread. 10.5
Add avocado   2




Tater Tots




Pickled Chiles








Loaded Baker


Garlic Bread







Indian Taco

Traditional Native American fry bread recipe fried and served warm. Topped with our house made buffalo chili, shredded lettuce, sour cream, Oregon cheddar, olives, green onions and tomatoes.
whole 13 | half 8.5

Fish n’ Chips

Beer-battered Alaskan cod served with a choice of fries or tater tots and coleslaw.   14.75

Shrimp Tacos*

Three white corn or flour tortillas with choice of grilled or blackened shrimp. Topped with pico de gallo, avocado, lettuce and cilantro lime aioli. Served with house salsa.   14.75

Pork Tacos GF

Three white corn or flour tortillas filled with slow-cooked pork. Served with avocado, cilantro slaw, pico de gallo, salsa rojas and cotija.   12.5

Grilled Salmon* GF

6 oz. filet of wild caught Nisqually Coho salmon grilled and served with warm honey mustard, crispy potato salad and seasonal vegetables. Your choice of half a garden or cobb salad.   17.75

Grilled Ribeye Steak* GF

12 oz. grilled rib eye beer-butter basted and served with a baked potato, pickled chiles, cilantro slaw. Your choice of a half garden or cobb salad.   23

“Crunch” Chicken Tenders

Crispy breaded tenders with a hint of sweet ‘n’ hot spice. Served with ranch and/or barbecue. 13.50

Petite Sirloin* GF

6 oz. charbroiled sirloin beer-butter basted and served with a baked potato, pickled chiles and cilantro slaw. Your choice of a half garden or spinach salad. 20

Add sautéed mushrooms or onions .50 ea.

Anytime Breakfast

Breakfast For Dinner* GF

Two eggs, two smoked sausage links, two pieces of bacon and seasoned potatoes. Served with choice of toast. 12.50 Substitute for all sausage links or ham steak 2

Breakfast Burrito

Two eggs scrambled, potatoes and cheddar jack cheese with choice of bacon or sausage. Served with a side of sour cream and salsa. 13.75

Breakfast Croissant

Choose between ham, bacon, or sausage with a fried egg and cheddar cheese served on a croissant with a side of seasoned potatoes. 11.75

Steak ‘N’ Eggs* GF

Charbroiled sirloin steak and two eggs. Served with seasoned potatoes and choice of toast. 20

Biscuits and Gravy

Buttermilk biscuits topped with sausage pepper gravy. Served with two eggs. 10.5 Choice of two sides for your entrée.

Country-Fried Steak

Chicken-fried beef steak smothered with sausage pepper gravy and a country style biscuit. 14.75 Add two eggs 2


Huckleberry Soda

Housemade.   3.75 Add ice cream to make a float. 5.25

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Barq’s Root Beer, Fanta Orange, Pibb Xtra, lemonade, iced tea, orange juice, coffee, hot tea, milk, chocolate milk.     2.75

Flavored lemonade – huckleberry, raspberry or strawberry  3.75

Flavored Lemonade- Huckleberry, raspberry or strawberry.   3.75

Specialty Cocktails

Huckleberry Mojito

Bacardi silver rum, puréed local huckleberries, mint leaves, simple syrup, muddled limes and a splash of soda. Finished with a lime wedge and mint sprig.    7

Huck 44

44° North huckleberry vodka, fresh lemonade, and our housemade huckleberry soda.   7

Raspberry Spritzer

Puréed raspberries, a splash of Smirnoff blueberry vodka, sweet white wine and Sprite.   7.5

Earl of Paradise Punch

Malibu coconut rum shaken with apple juice, cold brew Earl Grey tea, fresh lime juice and raspberry puree.   6.25

Italian Soda with a Kick

Your choice of raspberry, coconut or peach alcoholic Italian soda made with house cream and soda.   7


Premium Belvedere vodka, mango puree, lemonade and sour served on the rocks with a dash of cinnamon.   7.5

Grapefruit Mule

Smirnoff Sourced Grapefruit vodka, simple syrup, and Stoli ginger beer served in a copper mug with a lime wedge.    6.5

Watermelon Cooler

Smirnoff strawberry vodka, Smirnoff vodka and DeKuyper watermelon pucker, with fresh watermelon chunks muddled with crisp mint leaves. Topped with sour
and served in a mason jar.   7.5

Long Summer

Smirnoff Strawberry vodka and peach puree shaken with iced tea and sour then poured over ice. Served in a pint glass and garnished with a lemon wedge.   7.5

White Chocolate Lavender Martini

Premium White Chocolate Godiva liqueur shaken with Smirnoff wWhipped vodka, Le Sirop de Monin gourmet lavender syrup and a splash of cream. Served in a frosty martini glass with a cherry.   7.75

Passion Fruit Pucker

Stolichnaya Vodka, watermelon pucker, fresh lemon juice, passion fruit syrup and muddled watermelon shaken and served on the rocks with a splash of soda.   7.25


Miami Nice

Pina colada and strawberry layered smoothie.   4.75


Strawberry, Pina colada, mango, espresso cream or raspberry limeade.   4.75


16 oz / 22 oz / 32 oz / Pitcher

Laughing Dog Uprooted Amber Ale


Coors Light • Bud Light • Kokanee
4 / 5.25 / 7.5 / 14


5 / 6.25 / 8.75 / 18

Eight Rotating Handles

Ask your server for today’s selections.

Premium & Imperial Rotational Beers

Served in a 12oz. Belgian beer glass.   5.25


Budweiser* • Bud Light* • Bud Light Lime* • Coors* • Coors Light* • Michelob Ultra* • Miller Lite* • MGD • Rolling Rock • O’doul’s  3.75  |  4 (16 oz.)*

Craft & Imported Bottles

Corona • Corona Light • Heineken • Guinness  • Angry Orchard • Mike’s Hard Lemonade • Mike’s Hard Cranberry    4.25


Coeur D’Alene Casino Private Label White

Spokane, WA
6.25 / 23

Coeur D’Alene Casino Private Label Red

Spokane, WA
7.5 / 27


5.25 / 19


5.25 / 19


5.25 / 19

White Zinfandel

5.25 / 18.75

Chateau St. Michelle Riesling

Woodinville, WA
6.25 / 23

Beringer Pinot Grigio

5.75 / 21

Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay

Sonoma County, CA
7.5 / 27

Brancott Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand
6.5 / 23

Colores De Sol

Malbec Argentina
5.27 / 21

Columbia Crest H3 Merlot

Horse Heaven Hills, WA
8.5 / 31.25

Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Cabernet Sauvignon

9 / 32

Korbel Sparkling



Blue-Huckleberry Crisp

Northwest wild huckleberries and blueberries are combined with a golden brown crisp topping. This delicious dessert is served warm, and topped with a scoop of old fashioned vanilla ice cream. 8

Apple Berry Crostata

Granny Smith apples and blackberries come together in this rustic freeform pie. Served warm, with old fashioned vanilla ice cream. 6

Chocolate Crème Brulee

Dark chocolate added to creamy rich custard with a crisp brown sugar crust. 6

Butterfinger Cheesecake

Peanut butter cheesecake with Butterfingers candy pieces added for a crisp crunch in every bite. Served in a chocolate cookie crust. 6 slice


Split any plate  2.5 *Menu items are subject to change.

GF Items can be made gluten free upon request

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions

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