Sustainability at Forefront of Menu Updates

On Oct. 15 the Alaska crab harvest season officially kicked off – opilio, Alaska king and Alaska Dungeness fisheries were able to open but others were less fortunate.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game recently announced the opening of the Bering Sea Snow Crab Fishery with the lowest “Total Allowable Catches,” or harvest TAC, in nearly 45 years.

Although a staple in the Pacific Northwest, crabbing has seen a few tough years. This year’s snow crab TAC was reduced by 50 percent, which is based on declines in both mature male and female snow crab according to The steady decline has been happening since 2007.

We strive to provide our guests with the best experience possible and offer as many options as we can, however the Coeur d’Alene culture is also one of respect for our land and a commitment to the future.

We are excited to announce some new expanded updates to our menus, temporarily without crab until we can have a little better news from up north.