Spa FAQs2018-12-20T07:20:18-07:00

Spa FAQs

Take a look at some of the most common questions and please feel free to call us at 1-855-232-2772 if you have any additional questions.

How do I select the right treatment?2018-06-08T10:45:05-07:00

Our professional spa staff will assist you in determining which spa and nail salon treatments will meet your needs to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

When should I arrive for my treatments?2018-06-08T10:55:43-07:00

Arrive early to enjoy the facilities. We recommend you arrive a minimum of 20 minutes prior to your first appointment. This will allow you time to change into your spa robe and sandals and become familiar with the facility and amenities.

What should I wear to the Spa?2018-06-08T10:58:06-07:00

You may wear whatever is comfortable. A robe and sandals will be provided for your treatment. Please bring a bathing suit to enjoy our co-ed whirlpools and saunas.

What should I wear for my treatment?2018-06-08T10:58:59-07:00

Most spa treatments are enjoyed without clothing; however, you may wear whatever is comfortable for you. Our professional staff is trained to drape towels or sheets discreetly to protect your privacy at all times.

What about jewelry?2018-06-08T11:00:06-07:00

We advise you to remove all your jewelry prior to arriving at the Spa.

Should I shave before a treatment?2018-06-08T11:01:07-07:00

Shaving is not recommended prior to any body treatments or waxing services.

What if I’m late for my appointment?2018-06-08T11:01:46-07:00

Arriving late will limit the time allotted for your treatment. Your treatment will end on time so that the next guest will not be delayed. The full value of your treatment will apply.

Should I leave a gratuity?2018-06-08T11:02:27-07:00

Gratuities are not included and are at your discretion based on your level of satisfaction. Please indicate your preferred amount and our spa receptionist will be sure to assist.

Quiet Consideration2018-06-08T11:03:04-07:00

Our spa environment is one of tranquility and relaxation; please respect the privacy and quiet consideration of other guests. We request that all cell phones be turned off in the Spa.