OP 36 Juniors

OP 36 Juniors

OP 36 Juniors has closed for the 2023 season.

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See you next season!

Most junior programs are incomplete, this is why the Raven Junior Academy uses the Operation 36® Development Model which centers around playing golf. The goal is to help your junior shoot par (36) or better for 9 holes.

Learn more about Op36 here: operation36.golf/juniors

  • STEP ONE: Learn Skills in Fun Classes…We make learning the game feel like a game! Your junior will make friends and learn skills in fun engaging classes.
  • STEP TWO: Play Their First 9 Holes Coaches will provide your junior a 9-hole playing experience with the Op 36 Model.
  • STEP THREE: Train & Track Progress. The Op 36 Mobile App is your family’s guide to practicing and playing golf outside of classes.

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