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Winter Blessing – Experience Tribal Culture

Thursday, Nov. 29th | 6pm at the Event Center

FREE Everyone Welcome! We celebrate and prepare for the new year with traditional tribal storytelling, canoe blessing, and dance exhibition. And no celebration would be complete without fry bread and huckleberry jam!


There are now two groups that will be recipients of the Coeur d’Alene Casino’s Winter Blessings: families in need and charities. The radio stations participating will be promoting the event, receiving the nominations, selecting the winners, and handling the distribution of gifts to families and charities. We will still have the Winter Blessing as an event that celebrates our culture of giving and sharing.

$10,000 Winter Blessing to families in need (11/29/18 – 12/9/18)

    • Nominations for families in need can be made on the station’s websites.
    • Family nominations will close after December 9th, 2018.
    • Nominated families will be kept in confidence.
    • Twenty families will be chosen and each treated to $500 in Winter Blessings from the Coeur d’Alene Casino. Distribution of the gifts will start the week of December 10th and will continue through December 21st, 2018
    • Full rules and entry forms will be available on the radio stations websites.

$10,000 Winter Blessing to charities (12/10/18 – 12/19/18)

    • Nominations for charities can be made beginning on December 10th, 2018.
    • Charity nominations will close after December 19th, 2018.
    • The radio stations will begin announcing the charity winners starting December 21st through December 22nd
    • A total of 10 Charities will be selected with each being awarded $1,000.
    • Full rules and entry forms will be available on the radio stations websites.

The Coeur d’Alene Casino’s Winter Blessing 2018 has once again partnered with KDRK (the Mountain) FM 93.7, KEY-FM 101, and BOB FM 103.9.