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Circling Raven De-Stress Muscle Massage

$75/60 minutes
$120/90 minutes

This massage is designed for tight, stressed or aching muscles. Using essential oils for a specific effect, the therapist combines a variety of massage techniques and stretching. Essential oils are applied for their beneficial effects on circulation.

Pre-Natal Massage

$55/30 minutes
$75/60 minutes

This nurturing massage uses cushions to support the mother-to-be and addresses the physical challenges associated with pregnancy. Our therapists will soothe and restore
fatigued muscles to decrease lower back tension, relax tight neck muscles and reduce swelling in hands and feet.

Coeur d'Alene
Couple's Massage

$150/60 minutes
$240/90 minutes

Connect and enjoy a unique massage in our signature couples suite. Select the massage of your choice to share as a couple, with a good friend or family member.

Express Massage

$55/30 minutes

This soothing massage works to release tension in the back, neck and shoulder areas—the perfect option when feeling tight but time is limited.

Spa Ssakwa'q'n Massages

Ssakwa'q'n Massage

$75/60 minutes
$120/90 minutes

This choreographed aromatherapy massage begins with the custom essential oil selected to complement your intended spa journey. The massage therapist carefully applies pressure to promote deep relaxation and enhance a sense of well-being. This treatment relieves stress and tension throughout the entire body.

Palouse Prairie Massage

$75/60 minutes
$120/90 minutes

This traditional full-body massage technique is designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation and relieve tension to generate an elevated sense of well-being. Our professional therapist will incorporate a variety of techniques to address specific needs.

Crystal Lake
Stone Massage

$75/60 minute
$120/90 minutes

Smooth basalt stones warmed in water are placed on the body as extensions of the therapist's hands. This warmth combined with the application of essential oils creates a comforting massage. The heat and weight of the stones induces deep muscle tissue relaxation.