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coeur d'alene casino - Coyote Rewards Club

Whoever said you can't expect to get some- thing for nothing was not a Rewards member.

Signing up for our Rewards Club is free, easy and you get rewarded for every play on every machine. Earn one point for each dollar played and redeem your points for meals, golf, gas, bingo buy-in, hotel stays or merchandise at our gift shop or at Circling Raven Golf Club's pro shop.

To join, visit our Reward's Club desk (along with a photo I.D.). You'll not only get a shiny new Coyote Rewards Club card, you'll get $10 in Extra Play Cash to get you started!

The best cash back redemption

  • $25 = 7,500 points.
  • One dollar of play equals one point.
  • Special offers tailored just for you!
  • Link accounts with a friend to combine points earned and redeemed.

Redeem points

  • $0.10 Off gas from our gas station.
  • Meals at our restaurants.
  • A round of golf at Circling Raven Golf Club.
  • & gas at our Conoco station.
  • Your bingo purchase.
  • Your hotel stay.
  • Spa services
  • Shop for a wide selection of brand-name merchandise.